Construction Management Solutions (CMS)

Problems & Solutions



P: Delays; schedule slippage, lack of manpower, subcontractor coordination.

S: CMS will provide a detailed construction schedule and schedule maintenance & monitoring to ensure timely completion.  Subcontractor coordination as needed.

P: Financial; Cost Over-runs due to financial mis-management, and change management.

S: CMS will, develop the master budget, maintain & monitor the budget, and resolve change disputes.

P: Qualified Subcontractors/Labor; Unqualified contractors performing the work.

S: CMS will solicit general contractor & subcontractor proposals & quotes, provide evaluations and recommendations based on cost, qualifications, and safety indicators.

P: Document Compliance; Incorrect installations, causing systems failures.

S: CMS will provide site reviews to ensure installations as designed and per manufacture instructions. Variances shall be identified and tracked in field reports until resolution.

P: Communication; Timely communication and resolution of on-site issues. 

S: CMS to provide on-line based project management application, including real-time project administration, photos, and job status.



P: Short-staffed: Due to project acceleration or delays, staff is not immediately available for the project.

S: CMS is available to bridge staffing shortages with task specific or role specific assignments. 

P: Inexperience: Inexperienced project management staff.

S: CMS will provide senior management to mentor and guide less experienced managers and manage owners/clients.

P: Contracting: Lack of timely contracting and issuance of contracts with complete scope of work, general condition, and schedule requirements. 

S: CMS will develop a standard set of contract exhibits to expedite contracting for your project.

P: Construction Administration: Lack of process to effectively and efficiently and communicate with project stakeholders. 

S: CMS will evaluate current project administration software and process, and recommend areas of improvement.



P: Phase submission deadlines: Construction document deadline approaching and need all hands in office producing documents. 

S: CMS will provide construction administration services thereby allowing architects & engineers to assist with document production - Also available for remote site CA services.

P: Contracting and site acumen: Project sites & contractors are complicated and dynamic, and Junior staff are unaware of contractual requirements and contracting standards and procedure - thereby not holding contractors fully accountable. 

S: CMS will provide experienced staff with 20 years of General Contracting experience to review your project and hold contractors accountable to the contract documents.

P: Value Engineering: Client and General Contractor propose cheaper materials and compromised design for cost savings.   

S: CMS will provide independent evaluation to client, identifying pros & cons, of proposed cost savings. Will identify if value is provided or if the solution results in a lesser (cheaper) product.

P: Change Management: Contractor's regularly submit excessive, invalid, RFI's and Change Order Requests. 

S: CMS will screen RFI's and provide efficient cost review and resolution for proposed change order requests.